Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New family members

Introducing our new family members..Muhammad Arrazi bin Azirul Hafiz.Born on 6th February 2011 , 3.635kgs on 1017am,blood group O+.
As usual, I really like the classic name but this time I don't have any idea.We just list few names and ask the Imam of Masjid Kotaraya to choose.And he said Muhammad Arrazi is the most suits.InsyaAllah.
Muhammad means `Variant used for Mohammad - founder of Islamic religion. praiseworthy; glorified.`.
Razi in arabic means 'Satisfied, contended, pleased'. Al-Razi is a Persian alchemist and philosopher.

Its a natural birth(the previous Muadz and Umar- induce).Im having my contraction is on 530 am on Sunday..every 5-10 minutes i think.After subuh prayer we went to hospital.But before that we have to send Muadz and Umar to our baby sitter's house.Thanks kak ct for taking care of our sons.

We reached the hospital at about 730am.
The midwife told me the opening is 4cm.Huh....its very painful.Then I ask for pain killer after 1 hour.On that time I really forgot to take breakfast.Nurse breakfast after taking the pain can I push with not enough energy.Alhamdulillah on 11am everything settled.Sooo lega cz this time have no stitches.Actually Im really phobia of this.Thank god, this pregnancy and delivery is really smooth and easy.Syukur Alhamdulillah.

I'm really exhausted and no energy at all, my body was shaking and after changing clothes,they send me to ward.Its time to sleep and have a rest.


jijah said...

tahniah...sebiji muka ko la ida, muka dagu lapan. hehehehehe

ida_shah said...

tp dah lain sket la muka dia.ada sket gelap sbb hari2 kene jemur sbb kuning...nnt ko dtg umah aku tgk la...hehehe