Tuesday, December 27, 2011


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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

EBM @ month no 10

Alhamdulillah at this point of time,Razi still in full bf mode.Its really a big challenge!. Im taking about 1 hour to make this bottle full.

What im doing during the pumping session is always thinking about my baby.Every 15 minutes i'll take a break..

You can do it Ida.
Actually my aim is to make the fridge full before Im getting pregnant again(sounds impossible but Allah knows everything)...
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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Arrazi ...6 months old

Pls ignore the low quality pic from my hp camera...huhuhu..

Alhamdulillah,on 6th August 2011,Razi is 6 months old.
Exclusive breastfeeding except 4oz fm when he's on 4 months.
That because my ebm stock at her house was finished on that day...huhuhu...so sad because his poo is not as 'najis muhaffafah' anymore.

Current progress.He's currently 8kg++.Has 2 teeth...trying to push up his bum..chubby,montel and debab.
A happy baby, always smiling and syukur alhamdulillah..tak byk songel...

His first meal was 'air kanji nasi'.To avoid colic,I boiled it again about 10 minutes.Hm...sounds like he's so excited to try the meal.
I planned to give this about 1 or 2 weeks after change to rice porridge,puree,juice and so on.

As usual...will try my best to give my home made food instead of intance cereal.Again...will give my very best!!!!And..will utilize my new hand blender...yeayyyy.....can't wait.This is what Im waiting for...:D

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hand Blender

Finally I bought this blender..Cant wait next for month -to prepare my Razi's food.
Sangat best!!!Suitable for busy mommies....actually I like the metal one but its not around...and quite expensive...

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Finally I hubby bought me a chest freezer.Upright freezer is to expensive but now I noticed chest freezer is better because my latest ebm will be in the bottom so that the temperature is more consistant.

But now 100litre is still not enough for me to store all my ebm.Still need to transfer to my 2 doors fridge.What Im practicing is every 2 weeks I'll do housekeeping.
I'll keep my ebm in plastic bag and put the date for each plastic.Then, take out all plastic bag and choose the latest one and put in the bottom of the freezer.The old one I'll transferred it into my 2 doors fridge.This will pass to my baby sitter.Razi drinks average 5-6 packs(100ml) per day and and maximum 7 packs if the weather is hot.

Besides, I also give him fresh ebm every day.I'll pumping before go to work and normally give him 5oz fresh ebm per day and the rest I'll store it.This to make sure my Razi get the fresh ebm since the quality of ebm will become lower when we freeze it.

The reason I choose ebm liner is...hehe...of course Im too lazy to handle big amount of small bottles.Ebm liner is hassle free but quite pricey.But saving lots of time washing bottles everyday.

The cheapest one is YHAB,bought form lilkaistore.My favorite is Autumz 7oz. I bought 7 packs at motherhood expo at RM9 each for 25pcs.I also use Jinggle Jungle form fabulous mom.But i don't like it.Always leak on the zip lock.

My pumping session is
1. before go to work(+-8oz)
2. 12 pm (+-10 oz)
3. before going back(+-10oz)
4. before sleep (+-8oz)

1. Alfalfa (detox)
2. lecithin (utk kurusss-- i guess!!)
3. omega oil
4. calcium
5. zink
6. vivix (anti-aging)

This is an average time my pumping session.If I skip the pumping session the production is almost same.Hmm..lately due to my busyness, I only pump 3 times a day at most.(malas pun satu hal..so need to take more supplement to eliminate Vitamin 'M's)

Caiyok caiyok Ida.You can do it.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

a breastfeeding journey begins...

I started the pumping on day 4.On that time 'the makcik urut' just massage me for 3 days.Only after that my milk has smoothly came out.

Alhamdulillah my swing helps me a lot.The pumping session normally about 4 times a day(early morning, 12 pm,5pm,and before bedtime ). Each pumping session I could get 8oz.Will keep this stock when I come back to work soon. But now,I have storage problems.Hmmm...my fridge is not enough to store my ebm.Almost full already.Should I buy deep freezer?hmmm....nak letak kat mana plak deep freezer tu.Alahai...will think about it.
Or the best way is...not to cook(alasan la tu..).So the storage can be allocated to my ebm.

Actually this moment are most enjoyable and I really excited to do it.Really missed the previous pumping session(Umar and Muadz). I'll try to give Arrazi an exclusive and full breastfeeding as long as I could. Same like his brothers, 2 years ++. InsyaAllah.

To increase breastmilk I normally consume(in the confinement period)
1. blended oats with hot milo - morning
2. red dates (boiled) - afternoon or anytime
3. vivix from shaklee (helps me to recover too and built new cells) - 1 or 2 teaspoon per day
4. barley drink

ebm stock - day 19th

I think my ebm stock is not as many as other nursing moms.But still syukur with the rezeki'that was given to me and my baby. Rasanya stock ckin lg banyak....takpe kin...will beat you one day...hehehe.....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New family members

Introducing our new family members..Muhammad Arrazi bin Azirul Hafiz.Born on 6th February 2011 , 3.635kgs on 1017am,blood group O+.
As usual, I really like the classic name but this time I don't have any idea.We just list few names and ask the Imam of Masjid Kotaraya to choose.And he said Muhammad Arrazi is the most suits.InsyaAllah.
Muhammad means `Variant used for Mohammad - founder of Islamic religion. praiseworthy; glorified.`.
Razi in arabic means 'Satisfied, contended, pleased'. Al-Razi is a Persian alchemist and philosopher.

Its a natural birth(the previous Muadz and Umar- induce).Im having my contraction is on 530 am on Sunday..every 5-10 minutes i think.After subuh prayer we went to hospital.But before that we have to send Muadz and Umar to our baby sitter's house.Thanks kak ct for taking care of our sons.

We reached the hospital at about 730am.
The midwife told me the opening is 4cm.Huh....its very painful.Then I ask for pain killer after 1 hour.On that time I really forgot to take breakfast.Nurse said..no breakfast after taking the pain killer.haisyooooo.......how can I push with not enough energy.Alhamdulillah on 11am everything settled.Sooo lega cz this time have no stitches.Actually Im really phobia of this.Thank god, this pregnancy and delivery is really smooth and easy.Syukur Alhamdulillah.

I'm really exhausted and no energy at all, my body was shaking and after changing clothes,they send me to ward.Its time to sleep and have a rest.